Restoring old Sync data after syncing "the wrong way" (Windows)

I just tried syncing my PC(regular) and my Laptop(old) that I only use occasionally for work. Both windows.

Had to work on my Laptop for a while recently and wanted to sync all my bookmarks, passwords etc. so I had all the up-to-date data from my PC(regular).

While doing the sync I got the impression the way I did it would transfer from PC(regular) to Laptop(old).
I was mistaken…
It was not clear to me whhat way the sync would go apparently.

Now I “destroyed” my bookmars, passwords etc. on my regular PC and can’t find a way to restore it to the setting before the sync.
I left the sync chain but the old data is not showing up. Lost quite a bit because I work with the laptop maybe once or twice a year.
Is there a guide for restoring sync data?

And on the same note, would be amazing if it would be much easier to see what device will be the source of the sync. Maybe it is clear to tech-savvy people, it is not clear to me as a layperson.
Maybe even just a list where you can choose the “source” or something.
Would save a lot of head ache. Thanks


For Bookmarks, they are normally backed up in bookmarks.bak, located at :

%LocalAppData%\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User data\Default

You need to go to to recover them then import the converted html file to Brave.

For Passwords, look at this post:

I’ll try that later today and will let you (and the potential reader) know if it worked.
Thanks again!

And for the devs: please make it more obvious for the layperson what info gets overwritten by what.

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