Copying BraveSoftware folder doesn't add settings

Hi all,

So I’m getting frustrated.

I copied the Brave-Browser folder to a new Windows install F:\Users\XXX-Laptop\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware

and it’s not transferring any settings and extensions over.

And it takes a long time to copy too & I tried it twice b/c the first time I forgot that I had Brave open so I had to stop it.

Also, is there no way to delete the cache on the old HD before copying it so it’s faster? I don’t want to have to boot into that HD just to delete it.


Interesting that some of my browser history moved over. SMH

thank gawd it moved over my session buddy windows/tabs, so I think it moved over the extension info, just not the extensions themselves? Why would it do that?

I think even though I got an error saying that things were corrupted that it moved over my Brave setting settings.

Anything else I need to look for to see if it moved it over?


Ok, but now I have a HUGE problem.

I don’t remember the names of all of the extensions. Where do I find them? I tried to look even in a folder called extensions & there’s a ton of stuff there, but no names of extensions. :frowning:


My website coder doesn’t understand how the extensions are tied to the secured preferences. Logins that are encrypted ok, but what does the actual extension have to do with security?

Thanks, we finally found it.

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