How to back up and restore ALL settings in Brave Beta?


Using current Brave-Beta and want to move it to newer hardware and from Win7 to Win10. Came across How to backup Bookmarks and settings but there is no such Brave or BraveSoftware folder under %appdata%. There is a UserData folder in Appdata\Local under the username in user folder. However copying the entire UserData folder into the appropriate location on the new clean Windows installation after installing Brave Beta does not cause the extensions to show either on the tool bar nor under extensions. Is there no way to backup and restore this kind of information and instead we are forced to reconfigure and reinstall every extension?


@fedup The link that you mentioned was specific to Muon. I am in process of updating that article with brave-core specific steps. Thanks for bringing this to attention.


It also means that I will be reverted back to Chrome on my new machine. Since I have no idea how to restore all the extension settings and I am not about to go through the process of reinstalling them all and then reconfiguring all their settings.

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