Request for Native Integration of CleanURL: Strengthening Privacy and Efficiency in Brave Browser

I’m writing to request the native integration of CleanURL into Brave Browser. CleanURL is an exceptional extension that removes tracking from URLs, bolstering privacy and optimizing browsing efficiency. Here’s why this integration is crucial:

  1. Uncompromising Privacy Protection: CleanURL ensures that when you click on a search result, you are directed to the desired website directly, without any tracking URLs. This shields your browsing habits from surveillance and upholds your privacy.

  2. Streamlined Browsing Efficiency: By eliminating unnecessary round-trips caused by tracking URLs, CleanURL creates a smoother browsing experience. Native integration in Brave optimizes page loading times and reduces latency, enhancing overall efficiency.

  3. Seamless Integration with Brave Features: CleanURL seamlessly works with other privacy-focused extensions and features in Brave. This harmonious integration allows for a cohesive browsing environment without conflicts.

  4. Simplified User Experience: With CleanURL natively integrated, users no longer need to toggle options or manually configure tracking parameter removal. CleanURL operates silently in the background, ensuring consistent privacy protection for all Brave users.

By integrating CleanURL into Brave Browser, we reinforce our commitment to user privacy and provide a seamless browsing experience that prioritizes efficiency. Let’s collaborate and build a browser that sets new standards in privacy and performance.

Thank you for considering this request.

Sincerely, @SwiftyPop

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@SwiftyPop Do you mean ClearURLs extension? I had to disable that extension on Windows10 here as it was causeing issues with my CamelCamelCamel notifications not automatically redirecting me to the appropriate page on Amazon.

Can brave shield now completely replace clearURL? I don’t think so.

I don’t think so either. I still see the ?UTM and tracker info in URLS. I have used an extension called NEAT URL but I have found that if the URL is still showing the tracking information after you clicked on the link from say Twitter etc that after loading the page for the link simply reloading the page will allow Neat URL to remove the tracking info,

It still needs some improvements. It does stuff but only till 50%. 50% tracking URL still remains

They are working on a similar feature right now