Brave Shields is unable to clean URL (remove tracking elements) despite adding filters which work in ublock origin and adguard

Brave Shields is unable to clean URL (remove tracking elements) despite adding filters which work in ublock origin and adguard.

I have tried with new brave installs, on new windows user profiles, and in default settings and in customized settings but cant find brave clearing the garbage elements in URL unlike ublock origin and adguard.

If I install anyone of these in brave and use them to as default adblocker and URL cleaner and disable brave shields, then it all works.

I have attached some screenshots for better understanding and resolution of this issue ASAP. You can the url bar and UI and guess which browser is which.

In older versions, this cleaning used to happen but post 2020, this is not possible anymore.

Cant figure out why it is so.

  1. Brave only uses uBlock syntax

  2. Brave Adblocker is still missing some elements.

  3. Easylist are already default in Brave.

  4. Only because you add something doesn’t mean it will work or has to work, many features are still not implemented for parity with uBlock, but also many things are not implemented because of performance.

  5. you need to Learn about adblockers and then learn about Brave adblocker, and then look at the list and see if it will work or not, not just add it and complain it doesn’t work…
    If a list doesn’t work, it is not going to work in Brave unless you fix it, or unless Brave support whatever feature is not working.

  6. Parameters are meant to exist in many cases, so only because you think they are all tracking you, well, lists will only remove tracking ones, not every parameter.

  7. After understanding about adblockers and what Brave offers and doesn’t, you can write your own lists or fix other lists, and stop re-adding lists that are already in place.
    You are using Google, do you think if you remove the parameters they will track you less if you are in their domain?
    You are already giving them all possible info, even if you block scripts, that’s why 1p filtering is not effective against tracking.

  8. Brave NEVER supported $removeparam until September 2023, so stop making stuff up.
    It was actually thanks to me that all issues with $removeparam were removed.
    Still, removeparam is missing some features, like exceptions and regex support, everything else should work.

  9. Brave has a hardcoded cleaning of parameters with Query String Filter, but it is not the same as removeparam.

  10. This is the only list that mostly works in Brave anyway, you didn’t link the other lists, but they might cause issues and don’t work properly and I will not hunt for them to check them out.

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This doesnt work. If I download some random browser and install ublock or adguard and use same settings and filters, it work better than brave.

Opera and Edge has same tracking URL as brave so Opera and Edge is as secure as Brave.

I cant see any differences in URL of search results done from search engines. See images for more clarity.

I don’t follow Edge/Opera development, but they have NO url tracking protection;

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Keep changing goal post of the post.

The Filterlist description already explained it, Brave do not support this list.

So that means it is best to ublock or adguard in brave rather than go for brave shields.

Another test.

Obviously uBlock and Adguard… especially Adguard have more features than Brave, did you think you just discover anything new?

I don’t really understand what you even trying to get by posting here, I already gave you the information and what Brave doesn’t support from their $removeparam feature, that should be enough to give you an idea that all rules in some lists will not work fine and they can cause issues.
That’s what the list is telling you, it uses stuff that will break Brave because it can’t do it.

You can write your own removeparam rules, what aren’t you doing it?

Brave still needs feature parity with uBlock, Adguard uses a complete different syntax, yes, uBlock ads a lot of alias for them to have compatibility with Adguard, but Brave doesn’t need to, Adguard is not needed, Brave should just find feature parity with uBlock and done.

Lack of feature parity doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything you can with uBlock though, you just need different rules for that, the ‘feature parity’ is so you can load a uBlock list and 99.9% of rules work, which is not the case today for few features. The biggest one is $popup which is not supported at all and maybe $denyallow but that is being deprecated in favor of $to.

That’s how adblockers work, and that’s why brave has to support uBlock features, not because they are needed today, but because Brave uses uBlock lists by default.

Also, please… don’t use the adblock testers of any kind, especially since it is clear you don’t understand how adblockers work.

Adblocking tests don’t check anything relevant for the real browsing of internet and having trackers and ads and malware and all that.

Adblockers might include cosmetic filtering which is useless for anything privacy, these tests also aren’t checking for parameters or anything, which you are talking about here.

The only way to know if an adblocker is good or not, is to compare them with the same type of rule and see what they lack or not.

I made this list in April, and it is still relevant today, if you want to know exactly what is still missing. Probably uBlock added some feature that is not included in the list though, I am not sure.

Anyway, these online crappy adblock tests break because of the $redirect or $redirect-rule feature, just by using it I got a 80 of 100 in the score, and ❌ test failed.

That’s how mediocre these tests are, they will never really tell you how sometimes you are force to whitelist trackers to bypass an anti-adblocker solution, or how you need to use a noopjs in one and another redirect resource.

Literally Youtube uses tons of Scriptlet Injection to avoid seeing ads, lastest Nightly allows you to add if you tried that, you would understand how these terrible adblock testers will never test that kind of advanced features in advanced adblockers.
You know, like I said, the REALITY of the internet.

Brave already blocks all major trackers, but what about the annoyances, the bad ads, the malware… you know, anything else that is uses by millions of pages daily besides the major known trackers?
Like uBlock had to relay on using regex for many rules because those websites use different domains to deliver their scripts that give popups and crap, then, those domains that deliver those scripts will change daily or every 6 hours or every week… so unless you use regex, there is no way to block them without having to report and then manually add the rule.

Can these tests do that? no.

Again, check the features, stop loading filter lists that even tell you they are not compatible with Brave, and understand why they are not compatible.

You can probably write your OWN rules to workaround the issues, if you don’t want to do that, well, it is your problem.

Filter lists are made to cover millions of people, your own rules are made to cover your needs, so that’s the difference, you don’t need to write rules that will block stuff based on regex, when you can write simple rules that do the same job every time you see an issue.

Also, Shields and adblocker are two different things, Shields cover more than adblocking, adblocking is adblocking, and Brave adblocker has the advantage of being native, being fast, and being able to have more features than an Extension API will, like blocking network requests in extensions.
What about cookies? forget me? fingerprinting protection?, you are turning off more than just adblocker when you turn Shields off.

I use uBlock in sites that I know Brave might have issues, if I get an issue, I check uBlock logger and fix it myself. Then turn it off if I use normal websites where I know Brave has no issues supporting all features needed.

You don’t need to only use Brave adblocker, but turning brave adblocker is not smart, because of the reasons I mentioned about, but also because Brave adblocker has Brave-Unbreak lists, that not only cover incompatible rules from uBlock or whatever, but also the Anti-Brave specific scripts people have been adding for a while.
Even major websites like Adobe or CNN español, have been adding that, and Archive, and Zoro, and many websites specifically block Brave, because Brave has an API to check if you are using Brave even if you use Chrome UA, and some websites are using it because they don’t want Brave and the adblocker or whatever.

for example go to, then you will see Brave and Chrome, add and then it will only say Chrome.

How will you work around that only using uBlock or Adguard?, so no, using Brave Shields and then another adblocker, that will barely do anything while Brave is on, will be the smart thing if you want.

Yes, you can do anything you want, but I am giving you why Brave adblocker is the future and why it doesn’t matter if you use uBlock or Adguard if you want (Adguard is slower though).

Switching to Aggresive mode will help, and we’re working to improve the standard blocking mode options by default. Just to note, its just a benchmark for a specific website, and not every site. Just because it got a lower score on x benchmark site doesn’t make it a bad adblocker.

And also The title of the issue is “clean URL”,

You are talking about “moving goal posts” and then you aren’t mentioning that the list I gave, removes all the parameters (or almost all) from the Google pictures, the same search you did in your screenshots.
The only one I saw doing the same search from your screenshots is tbm, which doesn’t let you search images, if you remove it.


Why did you stop talking about removeparam?

Also, I already gave you the solution(s), either, use a proper list like the one I gave that has most compatible rules to work with Brave and/or fix any rule that has trouble for whatever reason.
Why is this post still not marked as ‘solved’?

That’s the problem with people posting like you, the hypocrisy, first you tell fanboynz that he is moving the goal post, when you didn’t either TEST the list I gave you and said how it works, or you are just here not to do anything and expect magical elves to do it for you. But I guess it is easier to go to some lame Adblock test and take screenshots and all for something that has nothing to do with $removeparam

Nobody said Brave was perfect today, and just like you install uBlock or Adguard on EVERY other browser, you can do it in Brave if you want… What’s the drama about it?
If Brave was perfect, I wouldn’t had done the table with the list of partial or non-supported feature and their workarounds.
I mean, you are using Google, so if you think that by removing parameters you won’t get tracked, well, I don’t know what to tell you.
You are in their domain, so removing parameters or not, doesn’t matter, and if it is because you are OCD and want a ‘clean URL’ well, I already gave the solution, which is not going to change tomorrow, or next week and who knows this year.

My concern doesn’t resolve with aggressive mode plus sites break down more often even those which worked great when it was first time.

If I ignore this, the empty spaces after ads getting blocked is another which concerns me a lot, esp on mobile, esp on news sites. Did shared screenshots about same with Anthony and Rafael via Twitter X.

Right now I am talking about only google but same issue is with brave, duckduckgo, bing and ecosia.

Stop URL tracking links: It’s how advertisers track you across the web (

New Firefox privacy feature strips URLs of tracking parameters (

Yes, but not all parameters are used to track you, Actually Legitimate URL Shortener filter also removed some “useless” parameters, basically if removing these parameters doesn’t break things, they’ll add it into the list.

Firefox only removed a very limited amount of tracking parameters, even less than Brave. The link you posted, even mentioned it.

Look at the list, you can see they borrowed some rules from AdGuard to remove tracking parameters :

So if you are worrying about privacy, just add AdGuard’s list into Brave’s adblock, it should work unlike Legitimate URL Shortener.