What is Brave Core?

@sriram | You mentioned it in this thread; Decided to quit brave. It’s unfortunate. This browser had potential and I am obviously curious.

I also saw that you are still on Chromium there.


Hi @KetaKongen,

Brave-core a.k.a. Brave 1.0 is the rewrite version of Brave. It’ll use Chromium front-end replacing the current Brave that use Chromium + Muon (Election fork) for the UI. The benefit of moving to Chromium front-end is Brave will get the maturity of Chromium.

More about it here https://brave.com/development-plans-for-upcoming-release/


@eljuno | Oh, okay. So… what is the difference between Muon + Chromium and totally pure Chromium?


I believe Muon adds a framework over the top of Chromium that lets you build user interfaces and applications using HTML, CSS and Javascript, as well as include Node.js for adding security features to those applications.

@eljuno, correct me if I’m wrong here :slight_smile:

The readme on the Github repository has a great description actually: https://github.com/brave/muon

I thought I already replied to this thread. But it still saved as draft. :sweat_smile:

More or less, the new version will in par with Chromium (stabillity, maturity, etc). @jsparknz is right. Muon is used to implement the UI for the current Brave and the team put more effort on it (build from scratch, maintained, fixing bugs, etc).

And because of many things that not working properly, from developers pov, the Chromium fork will make it easier to focus on implement/improving Brave features (shields, sync, payments, etc). No longer fixing tabs/bookmarks issue like we have today in the current verssion. :smiley:

For users, we will have less bugs browser (than the current one).

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