Removed All devices from Sync Chain but did not Delete Account

Hi , I hope you might be able to advise. I had an error pointing my browser as outdated between 2 out of 3 devices. So instead of initially deleting the sync chain and starting a new one I have deleted all devices from the first one and started a new one. I see my mistake. My question is what will happen with an old sync chain with no devices that I do not have access to anymore will it just lay around in void or will unused sync chain be deleted?

If you didn’t delete it, then, it will stay in the server unused, it is encrypted and nobody can access it, but it will be there until Brave implements a way to remove unused sync chains that haven’t been used for months.

What happened with the sync code? you can easily go join and delete it if you want to. the outdated part might be because the last 25th word changes daily and you just need to replace it with the word you can find here:

But as long as nobody has access to the code, nothing will happen even if it lives in the server forever unused.

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