Remove website from verified list for suspended account

My publishers account was suspended exactly 2 weeks ago and I didn’t get any reply from them till today and what I got today is that my account will remain permanently closed. No reason given.
Not a problem. I am not here to discuss how I run a media company and started to blog recently and they suspended me.

What I want is that my website gets removed from your verified sites list. My website is MY property and I should be able to choose to unverify it If I decide so.
I don’t want anything to do with brave now. You permanently suspended my account which means that in future if anyone tips me, he/she will lose their BAT for good and that If my site ever gets popular, it’ll be shown as brave verified and that I don’t want anymore. Your site your rules. So my site my rules. I have already talked to my lawyer and replied to the email I got today about my account being permanently closed but I am sure they’ll delay it for weeks again.

You have 48 hours to remove my site from your verified list. After that I am taking this matter to court.

And while you are at it, if possible, reverse the tips I got so they don’t go to waste. They should be reversed to their rightful owners. I got tips from maybe 20-30 people. Reversing them is only the right thing to do.

And please don’t close this post without replying or solving it. That’ll just look bad for your case and will probably be considered as throwing your mod power around. And I am not discussing suspensions so it should not be a problem anyways.
A publisher wants his site unverified. That’s exactly the sort of thing why this category was made right? Publisher support.
I’ll be waiting for your reply and for my site to get unverified.

Dhyanu Bhardwaj


@dhyanubhardwaj - your channel has been removed. It can take up to 72 hours to take effect across platform.