Remove website from verified creator for suspended account

My publisher account has been suspended for several months!!! And the response I get each time is always the same.
“My account will remain permanently closed.”
No reason was given. (that’s too easy)
I don’t think I broke any “rules”.
By the way, I would like to point out that in your automatic email response from suspension, the link you indicate for your “rules” redirects to a 404 page !!!

In short, all these indicators let me think that this project is not as reliable as it seems.

I now want to remove all my verified channels on my brave publisher account because I don’t have access to do it myself anymore (I already asked twice, once on the forum and another one on suspension!!!).

I have asked a lawyer and I am free to choose if I want my channels to be attached to your creator program or not…
For this reason I inform you that you have 7 days to remove my channels verified brave creator.

After this period, you will receive a letter from my lawyer.
I hope that you understand my dissatisfaction and that you will make my request succeed.


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Hi @xseth thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Could you kindly submit a ticket to our Creator Support form, from there we can take a closer look at the matter.



as usual I still have no news from the support !!!

And always no news from brave support and community !!! Again and again…
I am therefore obliged to start a procedure