Unverified Publisher?


My 3 sites are showing as unverified even though I have gone through the verification process with WordPress. They used to show as verified.

thenerdlabs.com has been verified.

Hi @NerdLabsAdmin,

Did you mean Brave not show verified status via Rewards panel (BAT triangle icon at URL bar)? Your Brave need ~48 hours before it’s updated the latest publisher list (the team is working to reduce it to 24hours).

Your site is verified on my end. :wink:


Good. Now lets test it and donate some bat to me. Lets see if it works. What a POS!!!

Please keep in mind that it may take up to 48 hours (in an upcoming release of Brave, 24h) for verification status to appear in the browser. This is because the entire list of verified publishers is downloaded into your browser once every 48h. So, for example, if you verified at 1:00 AM on Monday, then you may not see it verified in your browser until 1:00 AM on Wednesday in the worst case.

There are some other reasons why the publishers list might not update within 48 hours (such as a spotty internet connection, or the browser not being left open long enough for the download to complete, etc.). But this is the general flow of things regarding verification status on the browser side.

Even after being verified for more than 3 months it still takes 48 hours for some god damn reason? Or is this on a new browser only?

It should only take up to 48 hours from the time of verification. This is because when you verify a channel, your channel is added to the following list https://publishers.basicattentiontoken.org/api/v1/public/channels. And then this list is downloaded into the Brave browser once every 48 hours (soon to be once every 24h).

I may have exagerrated a little. but my sites have been verified since late November… 2019-02-13_094119

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