My Brave Creators account was unsuspended

Months ago my Brave Creators account was suspended for no reason I could guess. I never self-tipped or received any “grants”, whatever those are.

After emailing suspensions[at], they replied ~25 days later saying they reviewed my account and unsuspended it. No reason was given why it was suspended in the first place :thinking:

So my point is if this happens to you just email them and be patient and you’ll have a chance to get unsuspended.

My main concern wasn’t the frankly measly earnings from my sites, but that they remained in the system (still had the verified icon) and I couldn’t even delete them while being suspended. It’s IMHO a privacy risk to retain all the data seemingly forever while not allowing the user to delete or modify it.

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Well, yea. They check the suspensions mailbox only once or twice through the month. Also, they don’t provide reasons sinc ethere have been plenty cases where they revealed the specifics and people found out workarounds to commit the same scams/frauds again.

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