Brave Creator Access Suspended

Hello brave community my brave creator account is suspended from last week.I cont access my creator account which has 50+ bat. It shows “your account is under review”. I have already created a post about this in brave community but it was removed. So i am posting again. i have already emailed only got a bot answer. Can anyone help me and answer my question please?
1)When will my account will come back.
2) Why i am suspended?
3) Where will the amount of BAT will go if i got permanent suspension?

Unfortunately that’s the most you can do typically. They don’t help with Creator suspensions here on Brave Community.

And usually responses take about a month, give or take. For example, you have this one where person wrote email on February 3 and it was said their email would be read on March 1.

Or this one where person posted and said it had been more than three weeks with no response. The response was that people who had written in would get a response by the end of the month.

All I can say is you need to be patient.

  1. Nobody knows until they investigate. Investigations vary in length and when they get started all depends on how many people were ahead of you in the queue to be resolved.

  2. You likely won’t be told. Brave generally has a policy not to tell anyone why anything has been flagged/suspended.

  3. If you had a permanent suspension, anything that hasn’t paid out won’t go to you. If it’s permanent then it means you were violating terms and/or committing fraud. So I highly doubt they’d reward you for doing that by paying you everything.

In case you’re not familiar with the term Community Ninja, I’m just a normal user who spends a lot of time helping here. I’m giving you answers based on what I’ve observed in the past, but none of it is official. For the most part you’re just going to have to be patient until someone from Brave responds to your email or reaches out to you here.

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Hi @emteyaz please write into Your case will be replied to before the next payout period.