Remove the forceful screen lock or make it optional

Brave for Android.

Every time I try to sync Brave on my device with my phone, it forces me to have a screen lock on my phone. This is extremely annoying and I have it off on purpose. Please make this “feature” optional or remove it completely.

Instead replace it with a warning because some of us have the screen lock off on purpose and forcing us to have it on should not be an ethical way to improve someone’s security against their wishes.

I don’t know why thise feature is forced. Brave is assuming that the device I use is mobile and/or not protected in other means. To force me to have the lock screen is inviting unnecessary inconvenience. No feature no matter how good and effective should be forced. If I don’t want to use a feature, it’s for a reason beyond your understanding. A warning is fine but do not force. Please remove or fix this feature some time in the near feature. Thank you.

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