Add a locked sync password option

This is a crucial safety aspect of this browser, since everyone accessing my phone or my browser can just copy my sync chain.
Even when I remove them from the sync chain, all my passwords are on his device.
Browsers with a User Account dont have this problem, since you can store the password elsewhere.

Picture this Scenario:
People meet and a phone / Laptop is standing on a table playing music or a movie.
During this its obviously not locked. Anyone can then quickly scan the brave sync chain with their phone.

A Solution to this Problem:
Windows/macOS offers a Password check for an action. So if you want to show a sync chain, you have to type in the Windows Hello Password again. (Or the mac password.)
Very similar to how you can view your passwords with Windows Hello in brave already.

Upvoted, good feature request.

But, I would suggest using a dedicated password manager, They are specially created to store passwords and are encrypted. They are decrypted on device only by your password and stored on RAM temporarily. After you close the application, they are again encrypted

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