Reasons for uninstalling Brave Mobile


I am uninstalling Brave (as an Android Beta tester) for mobile after a few years of use and I just would like to let your team know why. I absolutely love the product and the new Brave search feature that has launched in Beta. However, I use multiple mobile devices and Brave really needs to level up in terms of portability. It would greatly benefit from the following features:

• The ability to backup individual wallets and restore them through Brave Mobile. Since wallets do not transfer between devices and there’s no way (that I know of) to link mobile and desktop wallets, this would be the next best solution. What happens if I lose my device and have multiple phones?

• The ability to export/import passwords and autofill settings. If these are not going to transfer by using a Brave account, I will definitely switch back to Chrome. Please remember you are a Chromium browser and this is the bare minimum. I understand security concerns, but why would I pay $4/mo for ad-free search when I can’t even keep sync between multiple Brave clients? This per device payment seems like a rip-off. When switching between mobile devices I don’t have my passwords. And while I do use LastPass, this is mostly inconvenient as it only can be logged in on one mobile device at a time.

• The sync ability needs to be revised to address the above issue. If the sync chain is private, why am I only able to import bookmarks? This makes no sense. If it’s truly a private sync chain, let me sync all of my data between devices. This seems like a no-brainer.

• I use a FIDO2 key for almost all of my work accounts. Chrome supports FIDO2 over NFC and Brave does not. I only have an NFC key. I could get around this issue by purchasing a USB-C device, but I won’t be doing that at this time.

These are the only reasons I’m discontinuing use of Brave Mobile. I will still use it on Desktop, but I can longer do it for phones. If for some reason I am able to do most of the things I have listed above and I don’t know how, please just let me know. Otherwise, I look forward to future versions of Brave Mobile.