How To Remove The Most visited, recently Closed and tasks from Brave

He Guys,

When I right click on the brave browser icon in the taskbar, it shows : most visited, recently closed and tasks.

I don’t want that.

What can I do to resolve this?

Clear data on exit.
You can do that by going to Clear browsing history option.

Thanks but I have that on default.

So it should not be visible when I right click on the taskbar icon.

fyi I have closed my browser a few times, but it remains visible :frowning:

Windows @Bennie1? Try steps mentioned here Disable most visited and recently closed context menus


Awesome eljuno! That solved the issue. Thanks so much

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I didn’t realize turning that option will do the trick.
I always turn off that option because I don’t want to see the recent folders that I opened.
Excellent tip btw.