Remove all traces of Brave from MAC OS

How do I remove all traces/remnants of Brave browser?
I’m having an issue with styling/CSS or something, where certain things are showing as transparent that shouldn’t, and certain colors are being ommitted. STRANGEST THING… MAC OS (up to date), BRAVE for APPLE M1 chips.

I’m thinking I just need to completely remove and reinstall, but what I’ve done so far (delete from applications, then empty trash bin), there is still something lingering that remembers me…

As upon reinstall, it pops up with my recently closed tabs etc.

I WANT A FRESH complete start. HELP :slight_smile:


Remnants . . .

Remove the BraveSoftware folder at:

/Users/username/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware

Remove the com.brave.Browser.plist file at:


Remove (if any:) BraveSoftware folder at:


Remove ‘Brave’ items from within the ‘Caches’ folder at:


  • com.brave.Browser
  • BraveSoftware

AHHHH that’s where the folder is.

Thank you, I will try, reinstall, and then advise. I appreciate your quick help!

Before you do that, can you try disabling Hardware Acceleration and see if this fixes the issues you’re seeing?
Settings --> Additional --> System --> Hardware Acceleration


Update: None of these files were present after a normal uninstall…

I will check this now, thanks! I have to reinstall, so it’ll just take a second… So strange!

And I really - REALLY - Do not want to have to go back to Chrome… I’m a web dev, so I kinda need things to display correctly lol.

BINGO, it was hardware acceleration. THANK YOU!
I don’t imagine I would’ve ever wandered into that section of settings.

If you are using MAC OS with BRAVE BROWSER and are experiencing some strange display issues (odd transparencies where you know it should have a background, or buttons missing their color)…
Thanks MATTCHES!!!


You’re very welcome — happy to help.