Unable to delete Brave cache after uninstall

I love Brave Browesr but I remove it from my computer because was using 40GB including with cache, and no matter what I do there was always 30GB being used by the Browser, for this reason I uninstall Brave, but inclusive after remove the explorer I wasn’t able to remove the BraveSoftware folder from Cache on my iMac and keeps using 20GB of space, no matter what I doo keeps telling that the folder content it’s on use, I try using command line, I try to enter on safe mode, I enter on recovery screen and nothing , that folder keeps saying it’s on use and I can’t delete it from my computer, why?

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Can you please try clearing your cache/data using the in-browser function? Settings --> History --> Clear browsing data

Note that you may need to change the Time range drop down to accomodate more/older data.

I already uninstall Brave from my computer those folders are imposible to remove, inclusive without have Brave installed those folders keep using 20GB and say that they’re on use

So you’re saying that you no longer have Brave installed, but your system won’t let you delete the files because it thinks that they are currently “in use”?

Yes I don’t longer got Brave installed and the system don’t let me delete the files because they’re in use

Can you open your systems Activity monitor and check to see if you can find any Brave related processes running?

Only this Browser page, nothing else

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And to be clear, you’re viewing this browser page in a browser that is not Brave? Additionally, can you check for Chrome processes as well?

I’m using Safari, not Chrome neither Brave, also there’s no Chrome activity at all

Very interesting – I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be able to delete this data. If the Application is uninstalled/removed there shouldn’t be anything using that data. Have you tried using any macOS system cleaning apps and see if you’re able to remove the data that way?

In the meantime, I’ve reached out to the team for more info on why this may be happening.

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