BraveSoftware folder location

I’m having an issue locating the ‘BraveSoftware’ folder as per many different threads on this forum. I’ve been trying to completely uninstall Brave and reinstall it to fix some display issues I’m having with some websites, but I can’t seem to do that if I can’t completely get rid of the folder.

What can I do to locate this folder?

MacOS Monterey

I’ve looked in all the system folders, but nothing.

The path on macOS to Brave data is

~/Users/[your user name]/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser

Weird thing, I don’t have it there. I see another folder of a program I installed, but not Brave

I’ve tried and it doesn’t find anything

I’ve done it couple times, but seems like it’s in the same state when re=installed.

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To be clear, are you currently able to open/run Brave or is it currently uninstalled? If it’s currently installed but the user data folder isn’t in the location listed above, it may be because you did not drag the Brave icon to the Applications folder when prompted during install.

Did you install from the official website using the .dmg file?

Yes I currently am able to run/open Brave and I’m pretty sure I downloaded it from the official website. I will try again and see what happens.

Do you recall dragging/dropping the icon into the Applications folder when prompted?

It’s been a while, but I do recall dragging to applications. I will try it again and see what happens.

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