Remember when Brave was first introduced?

I just wanted to post a question to all Brave users - Remember when - Brave first came out, everything was working great, rewards were being generated regularly and payments were being received.

After each subsequent update functions started to fail bringing us to today where thousands of users post the glitches and failures needing addressed daily.

This begs the question why fix something when it was never broken to begin with?

I am sure this topic will be deleted and my inquiry will receive loads of hate instead of an answer to the question.


No hate and just another user, but I couldn’t disagree with you more. I do remember the early days of Brave as I was a very early adopter. I have seen it evolve and adapt and continually improve every step of the way. I believe that much of what you describe as fixing things that weren’t broken was actually the team adapting to realities that are outside Brave’s control. To me, they have been true to what the vision for the browser has always been and have made progress towards that vision. I look forward to further progress over time.


Myself and many other users i know see less and less ads each month. I have seen none so for in January 2023 and a friend of mine had none for the past 2 months. Something is going on behind the scenes with the program to cause this. I am happy that you continue to see success with this browser. I am just posting an opinion hoping that the powers that be are actively trying to fix things.

Hello. Random Brave user here, happy to use this browser and tbh I still think it’s the best option we have atm. It’s true that there’s a shortage of ads lately so we don’t make lots of BAT per month like in 2020, however we are in a bear market and a huge economic crisis, the season of free money or cheap money is no longer here, hence less advertising.

Your friend’s and your case could be of Flagged profiles, if literally no ads.
You can check ads in your region at

Try verifying your rewards, if you get Brave profile flagged error, then raise a ticket at

Hello everyone!

Just here to leave my humble opinion.

I haven’t seen Brave at its early stages, so I can’t give opinion on when it was first released.

I’ve been using for over a year now and yes, not getting lots of ads, but I’ve never seen Brave as some sort of money income source. In my opinion, this is just a bonus, which I like, by the way, so I hope they still keep showing up. :sweat_smile:

The main reason for using Brave, for me at least, is regarding privacy and the fact that it blocks a lot of unwanted and invasive ads placed on the websites. Also the ability to reopen recently closed tab by right clicking on any tab instead of having to go over history all the time like I used to in Google Chrome, among other things, of course. :man_facepalming:t2::sweat_smile:

So, for me, this is already worth it using, and the BATs from watching Brave’s ads are just a bonus, like I said.

Just hope at least, these features still keep working and that some new other features come. :+1:t2:

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I stumbled across brave back in late 2019 when I’m desperately searching a way to block annoying ads on Youtube. I’m watching a particular youtuber who floods his videos with ads and its annoying I didn’t even know about the rewards system at first but I dont know why brave cant block the ads from facebook videos can someone tell me how to block ads on facebook videos? i put it on aggresive mode and its not working

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