Whats Wrong With Brave Ads?

its Been A Month and a half since ive seen an Ad :confused:

yeah theres something suspect definitly going on

same, i’ve seen so many posts where its randomly stopped for people, including myself and my sibling.

Same here. No ads showing to click on. Supposed to be 10 per hour.

Same here… Since 2 months.

wonder where all the BATs go that people do not receive?

still the same, no Gemini payments either. And I did not take a screenshot of my earned bat, I don’t want to be cheated how do I know they will deliver on those. This is frustrating ESPECIALLY for new users.

It’s been reported A LOT lately… It seems to be they don’t listen to us. It’s the main reason I am using Brave. I gonna wait a couple months and if it’s not resolved, then bye bye.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great browser, but when one of the main attraction is broken since months, not days, months! No acknowledgement, no explanations, no nothing… It’s kind of frustrating.

Well, my rant is over, dunno about you guys but, I hope it’s gonna be repaired soon.


I have been reading several posts about the failure of ads. I have the same problem, since November last year I have not received any more ads. In the new tabs the ads still appear, I activate them but they are not added to my balance. But I have not seen a concrete answer

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same here man, theyre dismissing it as normal but its not normal this is odd

as usual this is scam…LOL