Whats Wrong With Brave Ads?

its Been A Month and a half since ive seen an Ad :confused:

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yeah theres something suspect definitly going on

same, i’ve seen so many posts where its randomly stopped for people, including myself and my sibling.

Same here. No ads showing to click on. Supposed to be 10 per hour.

Same here… Since 2 months.

wonder where all the BATs go that people do not receive?

still the same, no Gemini payments either. And I did not take a screenshot of my earned bat, I don’t want to be cheated how do I know they will deliver on those. This is frustrating ESPECIALLY for new users.

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It’s been reported A LOT lately… It seems to be they don’t listen to us. It’s the main reason I am using Brave. I gonna wait a couple months and if it’s not resolved, then bye bye.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great browser, but when one of the main attraction is broken since months, not days, months! No acknowledgement, no explanations, no nothing… It’s kind of frustrating.

Well, my rant is over, dunno about you guys but, I hope it’s gonna be repaired soon.


I have been reading several posts about the failure of ads. I have the same problem, since November last year I have not received any more ads. In the new tabs the ads still appear, I activate them but they are not added to my balance. But I have not seen a concrete answer

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same here man, theyre dismissing it as normal but its not normal this is odd

as usual this is scam…LOL

Maybe I should to that too. Waiting since August 2021: No payout, no ads, next payment in October?

Same issue. I haven’t been paid for November or December. My wallets verified with Gemini but I can no longer connect the wallets and receive an error, and I am not getting ads anymore since December 15th.

I’m thinking of switching browsers. The fact that I had to agree to allow Brave to view my account details, my balances, and my trade history just for them to stop giving me rewards and payouts really makes me wary and not trust Brave anymore.

If you want to charge people for ads and promise to pay users for their attention to view those ads, then follow through and pay out to the users. Almost seems like the rewards were used as a phishing expedition to gain access to users account details and history outside of Brave. Makes me very suspicious.

Almost like giving Petsmart access to viewing your bank account to get Pet Perks.

Seems odd that a browser that advertises to be centered around privacy would be asking us to view our private financial information.

Same issue - ads stopped after the most recent windows 10 update (not windows 11) - checked notifications setting and turned focus assist off, still nothing. No dec. payout received in Jan as of the 23rd. I’ll give it a few more weeks, but… not looking great.

I disconnected my “Uphold” account and then uninstalled Brave.
Then I Reinstalled Brave and the “Ads” started to come but I couldn’t reconnect “Uphold”. what a Disgrace… :sob:

Obviously Brave has several problems but the ones that affect the most are the device limit imposed and the browser or users flagged or banned.
I do not understand why they do not search a definitive solution to these problems.

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yeah, cause brave will detect that you are using a new device,you got to unlink your other devices to keep going with the new ones

Not really they just got a lot of Problems lately with Payments and other stuff :frowning:

No ads since 13th of January on my PC, wallet is linked with a verified Gemini account. Still receiving ads on my mobile where my wallet is not verified.

Wouldn’t say it is a scam. I am getting my 10 ads every hour. And I’ve used them for officially 1 year. Something weird happened and unlinked all my browsers to my gemini and uphold wallets, and it’s been bad. But scam? Prolly not.

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