Release Channel 1.2.41

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Release Notes

  • Added auto refresh of page after selecting “Always allow autoplay on…” from URL bar. (#6700)
  • Added setting to allow “Remote debugging” in brave://settings/privacy. (#5640)
  • Added ability to choose between Crypto Wallets or MetaMask for Dapps. (#6600)
  • Updated Monthly Contribution text for Brave Rewards. (#7093)
  • Updated tip banner to contain “Thank You” message after tip is made. (#6151)
  • Improved general performance by only loading WebTorrent component when torrent or magnet pages are opened. (#6372)
  • Revamped bookmark structure to improve syncing across multiple platforms. (#5158)
  • Disabled option to open Tor in a Guest window. (#7237)
  • Fixed certain cases where multiple auto contributions were occurring. (#7579)
  • Fixed crash when attempting to open brave://sync from Tor window. (#7225)
  • Fixed extensions denial of service issue as reported on HackerOne by world_languages. (#7291)
  • Fixed incorrect number of maximum daily ad notifications. (#4207)
  • Fixed Developer Tools Audit feature so it no longer freezes. (#3199)
  • Fixed GTK+ dark theme display issue on Linux. (#7245)
  • Fixed incorrect SUID sandbox on Linux. (#6247)
  • Fixed inability to log into Bing Rewards. (#3082)
  • Fixed “Relaunch” button resetting “Use Google Services for Push Messaging” selection. (#6633)