Region not supported but my country is in the supported region list

Greetings! Everytime I try to connect my Uphold wallet with Brave (to receive the rewards) it says “Region currently not supported”. But after checking the list of supported regions, my country (Portugal) it’s on the list. I tried in different devices logging in and gives the same error. My Uphold account is portuguese and it was working with Brave before (some months ago), so it must have been an update that changed this. What should I do?
P.S. I attached a screenshot of the error message.
Thank you in advance.

But was/is your passport and other information from Portugal? And has your account always been associated only with Portugal or have you ever had it for another country?

If you’ve had everything verified and all documentation & identification through Portugal, you may need to submit a Rewards Support Ticket.

But, if you’ve used a passport or anything for another country, you will need to make sure to update that with Uphold by submitting a ticket with them at to make sure you update everything.


Hello, thank you for respoding. Yes, my Uphold account has Portugal documentation. I will make sure to send a Rewards Support Ticket. Have a great day!

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