Region not supported - but it's error


Recently bought a new device and wanted to connect Brave to it. However, when I tried to tie Uphold with Brave, I got an error message about my region not being supported, which is untrue. I am in Czech Republic, it is not restricted, I used Brave so far in Czech Republic on my other devices so I am not sure what to do and why is this happening.

Can you please help?


So you have other devices connected to Uphold successfully?
Also is your KYC/AML document(s) from the Czech Republic?
You can find answers at

Hi, yes, I am normally logged in for years on my old phone and desktop computer. Never had any issues, I receive BATs regularly every month, so I am not happy about the fact that it is gone now because of some error.
As I can see from this list, CZech Republic is on the allowed list, so I don’t understand what is going on. What is KYC/AML documents?

Can kindly someone from official Brave support explain why is this happening and how to FIX IT ASAP?

If nothing happens, I’ll just switch to other browsers, as I am being robbed of my monthly rewards. I had high hopes for Brave, but it’s obviously not the cutting edge product I thought it is.

You must have submitted a photo of your passport or other government issued ID for KYC verification ?

My documents are from Croatia. I have had no issues with that so far as well - Croatia is also a supported region, and I never had issues up to now.

I just want someone to tell me why all of a sudden the Czech Republic appears as unsupported when it is on the list of supported countries, and I can still use my Brave reward account on my old device (funny, how if it is UnSuppOrtEd), AND HOW TO FIX IT.

This is ridiculous.

If you go and see, Croatia isn’t there on the list anymore.

That is cause it is already connected and probably was connected before support for Croatia was pulled off.

I’ll just wait for a few days for official support to try to explain and act, if nothing happens I’ll just foget about this amateur little attempt of creating something good.

Croatia is also not on the list of unsupported countries.
Also, I don’t live in Croatia so this is just…terrible customer support and programming.
Just as I expected, a bunch of incompetent amateurs playing proffesionals.

Lol, bye Brave, bye terrible support! I don’t know what I expected from a company that has NO customer support but this…thing

Maybe you are the one who is a terrible reader. In the link I shared earlier, it wa mentioned that, your KYC document’s nationality determines your region. Maybe actually read through stuff before saying du m b things!

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