Regarding BAT tokens collected

Hi, I have a question. Suppose I had connected my browser to my custodian wallet and had collected a few BATs. Due to some reason, I cleared its data and the BATs are set to 0 and I connected my custodian wallet again. Does it mean I lost the BATs that I previously connected even though the custodian wallet was connected before clearing data?

The BATs you had gotten until now will be safe and can be seen at your exchange’s app / website → portfolio

Any earnings you had for October should be paid in November until the point you were connected to the custodial Partner.

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Thank you. I had around 5 BATs and had connected to the wallet. But due to some issue on the rewards page, the balance got to 0 and the next payout date was shown as Jan 1. So I cleared data hoping to solve the issue. However, the payout data was fixed but the BAT was set to 0. I have connected my wallet back and hope my profile does not get flagged for any reason because of this.

Next time that happens, please try restarting Brave and the device. That solves it in my case.

Point noted. Will try that. Thanks.

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