Regarding ads and rewards

I am not getting any ads since 2 days and bats are also not crediting i am surfing 2 days why

Take a look at this : FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?
and this Does anyone receive Ad notifications as usual?
Personally it’s been almost a week since the last ad, and I’m using my computer 8h a day.

i have set all on or enabled and 5 ads per day
then its not showing me ads

Not getting ads for 2 days may not be an issue at all. At this time , we’re currently working on several issues related to Rewards – please see here:

We appreciate your patience.

Can i connect two brave reward accounts with single uphold account pls tell me pls

yes you can, just take in count the 4 lifetime wallets. When you install brave and join brave rewards program the browser generates a virtual wallet to keep track of earnings, say that you can connect up to 4 wallets to get paid every month to uphold. For now you can not unlink no one of those, so future links will only give you access to your tokens in uphold but you will not receive payments.

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did u mean that i will not receive payment by two brave rewards account

If you connected two you will receive the payments. But if you have more than 4 wallets, the nexts ones will not receive it (5th > )

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