Referral Link Landing Page needs some improvements


I am writing here as it has been a few times I check out the Landing Page of our Referral Links. I was interested in ‘What do people see, when they click our referral link?’.
I have also compared this to the landing page of

I must say… They are clearly not held at the same standards… And this is potentially standing in the way of a wider adoption. The different points I quickly notices and will be discussing are related to marketing, psychology, wider adoption and overall understanding of Brave for newcomers.

1- When people go on, the page is nothing but excellent, in my opinion. You get easy to read, comprehensive, point by point information about the Platform and its Mission. It is very disappointing to see that when people click one of our referral link, the page they land on includes nothing of the sort. Why is this bad? Because it doesn’t matter WHERE they came from, when they arrive here they expect to learn about Brave BEFORE downloading it…

2- The landing page of our referral links if focused about ‘Download Brave to Support X Content Creator’. I don’t think this is a good approach at all. First of all, most people don’t like change, and won’t make extra effort unless it benefits them. This leads me to believe that the average person will most likely not download the browser to ‘support someone’, and are way more likely to download it because It’s A Better Browser, or They Can Be Supported.

3- Combining these 2 previous points together, assuming someone would MAYBE really want to download it to support someone, it will most likely going to be a friend or someone they know, which is not really our goal with the awesome tipping system you are trying to implement. Assuming someone would MAYBE really want to download it to support someone that they DON’T know, well surely in that case they will want to learn about it before downloading it, bringing us back to point #1.

4- About the psychology part of it… People are constantly exposed to people trying to sell them something. It is a common feeling among most people that when someone suggest something new to you, you cannot give them much credit if they benefit from it in any way. Considering that, making the landing page about Publishers being receiving a contribution when they download the browser, directly takes away any credit they had while talking about Brave being potentially the best Browser option. I am strongly convinced a lot of people turn back while reading this. Combine this with, again…, #1, and you get a horrible marketing fail ahaha The new potential users are lead (by this landing page) to think 2 things: ‘Someone benefits from me downloading this, so I need to make an Idea for myself…’, and then they think 'Well… there is no info on this page, I’m clearly not clicking that link!! Bye bye… '.

Annnnd this is how we potentially lose thousands of users, maybe forever, because this reflex they got of leaving the page instead of converting, comes from an opinion they then formed themselves, and the next opportunity they get to get Brave again, they will just go back to: ‘Oh yeah, I checked it out once but it looked fishy…’ …

What I’m trying to explain is… I believe this page is so so bad marketing wise that it’s standing in the way of Brave Adoption… It even makes me feel bad about sharing my link as an Content Publisher…

The quality of the Referral Link Landing Page has to be elevated to the same quality standard of the Main Page of

Is it just me? Any thoughts? Ideas? How can we fix/improve this?


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