Remake the referral download landing page

The download page says you will be supporting such and such by downloading brave. But it doesn’t tell the downloader anything about what they will get.

People who download something want to see that they will get something. So why doesn’t it tell them they will receive $5 in BAT and have bullet points on the privacy features and performance increase, plus earning potential?

A missed opportunity here and why the page doesn’t convert well .

Because users will not get BAT by simply downloading and using Brave.

The only way for users to earn BAT is by opt-in to Brave Ads.

+1 for more information about Brave features. But the current referral page is “OK” IMHO.

cc @Asad @chriscat @mandar @jsecretan for the feedback.

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There needs to be more about what downloading will do for the user, and that they can earn BAT . The information needs to be short and sweet and has to be above the horizon. . I think it’s a very subpar landing page. The language “support” sounds like the downloader is giving something something but not necessarily getting anything back. It almost sounds laborious.

It should be clear that the downloader is receiving a lot while also supporting the content creator.

Thanks @Sutekhscrypto for the helpful feedback, I’ll share with the team.

You guys aren’t going to do anything about this?

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