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The standard publisher referral link landing page content (e.g. starts with “It’s easy to support…”

I recently ran across an alternative Brave publisher referral link landing page (from XDA Developers that promotes Brave and its features instead. I think my site/channel would see improved referral conversions with this type of landing page instead of the “It’s easy to support…” landing page that is essentially devoid of any pitch about what makes Brave a great browser.

Are there alternative publisher referral link landing pages available for everyone to use other than the one linked from the Brave Creator Rewards Dashboard?

Thank you.

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i support, nice idea. if publisher site registry in brave, you can add any links on brave site and take your this rewards.

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What makes Brave a great browser choice? It is secure, fast, private, and ad-free for starters. Brave verified publishers love the browser enough to want to intentionally refer their audience. Yet the current referral landing page does not say anything at all about Brave’s features and benefits. The page meta title and description when shared in social media say nothing other than “support me,” “be Brave with me,” and to use Brave to support creators so they’re not afraid of demonetization (many publishers are probably a “we/us” not a “me”).


The Brave landing page itself says to give Brave a try and Brave will contribute to the site/channel on the user’s behalf. All great, but…

…why would they try it? First and foremost, Brave IS a great web browser. Supporting creators is an awesome benefit but it’s really just icing on the cake. The referral page used by XDA Developers, for example, is a giant leap in the right pitch direction (except the meta title and description need an update). There seems to be a slight bit of co-branding in the URL, but I think this page – or one like it – should be available to any publisher who wants to refer their audience to it.

Maybe the default content is just a remnant from when Brave was born. If so, it deserves an update in my opinion. Thank you for the opportunity to share Brave in this way.



XDA Developers is currently running a promotional campaign, so our marketing team has been able to offer them a special page. If you are interested in working with Brave (and are at sufficient scale for a partnership), please send an e-mail to and

That said, what you can do, short of working with Brave in an official capacity, is simply make your own webpage with whichever designs you want, and then make your download button the direct link to the download button you find on your standard referral landing page. These links look like: when you right click “copy link address” on the DOWNLOAD button.



Thank you for your reply, and for your suggestions.

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