Referral link landing page suggestion

When referring people to Brave, it has a message about “Support

While this is great for trying to raise support, I would like the option to refer people to Brave based on its awesomeness.

Could you add a way to simply refer people to and still get referral credit?

Example: If I put a link that says “Surf the web faster and safer with Brave” and the user lands at a “Support ME” page, it immediately loses the focus of why they clicked my link. If that link simply logged the referal info and header/redirect to, it would be a better funnel for how I want to promote Brave.

Focus is too much on Publishers and not enough on users IMHO

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I agree, it is not ideal and actually @chriscat covered it in another thread:

Thanks for the input. I am not large scale but if I had a suitable refID I could refer thousands of people. That is not exagerrated. I referred 4500 people to, 1600 to, 900 to, and 14000 to my old site “”.