Refer your friends and family to earn BAT using the Nightly version of Brave

Are you enjoying Brave? Have you already started telling folks to use our browser?
Now is your chance to promote private browsing, a new way to support the creators you enjoy, and earn some BAT for yourself!

Coming to the Nightly version of Brave(, for users who have opted into Rewards and have verified their wallet with Uphold, a new card will be displayed on the Rewards Settings page.

The card will allow users to sign up for peer-to-peer referrals, our new referral system for those of you who want to share Brave, but perhaps do not have a content channel to promote.
In many ways, the referral system will be very similar to the referral system for Creators, for example, the rate card is exactly the same, users who download via your referral link will need to use Brave actively for 30 days, and payouts will occur on a regular basis, straight to your Uphold account.

However, there is one very important difference to call out. We will be capping the referrals to 1000 per code.

If you would like to get started, be sure you have the Nightly version of Brave installed and have verified your wallet with Uphold.

For support and feedback, please be sure to direct issues to Rewards Support

Thanks for helping us to spread the word about Brave!