Reduced BAT Payments

Today Morning, the BAT estimate was 0.96 approximately 1.05 USD.
After seeing more ads than before throughout the day this has now reduced to 0.84 approximately 0.96 USD.
For watching more ads, my rewards are being reduced.
This has been happening all through the month

Attached: BAT Screenshot

The price of BAT changes due to whatever it is based at the moment. Check here,

Right but OP is noting that his BAT the night before was 0.96 and now it has dropped to 0.844, which seems to be the primary issue.

As to resolving the issue I’d suggest trying to restart the browser and if that doesn’t work restart the device. I know when I had this issue on my cellphone the total corrected after restarting the phone.

Well I restarted the browser, and then I got a few ads and it increased but now its stuck again and more or less stagnant. Maybe, the Brave administration would be regulating the amount of BAT out there…

I wouldn’t think so, but I can’t say for sure. Could also be the region doesn’t have a lot of ads to service. Out of my league for ideas now though sadly.

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