My Brave rewards decreased from 0.140 USD to 0.001USD

After 24hrs my BAT rewards decreased to 0.001USD from 0.140 USD. kindly fix it as soon as possible.

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Basic norm when you asking for help is providing information about your issue as much as possible. No? 🤷

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I don’t think they will ever “fix” this…

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I saw that my BAT in my uphold account has been SENT to where i dont know and i now have 2BAT left as balance instead of 7BAT i first received. please kindly assist and give answer to what is happening

@manjeet1 is this your ‘estimated pending BAT’ for February? Did you receive the fully expected amount for your January payout.

@steeven it’s updated now but even now sometimes it shows incorrect Amount. And now iam not receiving any ads to earn BAT . I have already checked all my setting. Kindly solve this issue.