Reddit is Causing Crashes

Opening Reddit on Brave is now causing it to crash consistently and the fix is the same as what I had to do when Youtube was doing this months ago with adding the URL of to the Shields Down part of the Privacy & Security settings. I’m on Windows 7 and on version 1.47.186

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Unfortunately, as of right when I typed this, Reddit is crashing again and this is after the update you pushed out a day or so ago.

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I am suffering the same problem right now. I have Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.6817

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Another updated rule went out, Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.6818 Or better


You are doing Great Job on fixing these issues @fanboynz

I dont need any New Features for Brave Browser on Win 8.1, I feel like i already have the Lite version of the Browser, Just keep the Shields working forever as thats all ever needed.

Also, If outdated version of Shields stops working at some point of time, i suggest you and other shields devs take v1.47.186 Chromium 109 and works on a New update which will be delivered only for Win 8.1 and Win 7 users where on this New update 1.47.187, its Going to be the same Chromium: 109.0.5414.119 But with New Shields, updated Shields Components, Removed Brave Rewards, Brave wallet, etc as these features of brave no longer works on old brave.

Even Removing Brave Rewards, Brave wallet can be optional as i dont know how complex that Removal process is Going to be But what needs to be kept in mind is Shields, Shields update, I Never want Shields to Stop working, Thanks!.

Just because a backup plan is available,

We Should Not Easily Make the Primary Brave Lose its Power, I know Brave team can only do a little if all others Leave, But Please try your best to keep the Brave Shields alive for as long as possible, Thanks.

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Thankyou so much for looking into these.

However unfortunately this is still happening. Reddit instacrashes the entire brave browser.
Brave v: 1.47.186
Brave AdBlock v: 1.0.6840

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Why not a more recent Build?

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W7 lol.
Stuck with this PC for a while as I’m buying a house and having kids.

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Brave AdBlock v: 1.0.6856 now and still the same. ;(

Presumably it’s this one component.

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Confirming reddit crashing on Ubuntu 22.04.4, Brave 1.47.171.

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Reddit still crashing Brave - Now on Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.6877

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To Everyone who is using Windows 8.1 and Windows 7

It Seems like Shields is Getting older and Not Effective anymore

To Make sure None of the websites affect your device and OS, I Suggest you to Block Scripts in Shields Settings.

This will block Scripts on all websites, Manually whitelist Scripts on sites which you trust but again be careful on what you trust.

I tried using Latest version just so to become adaptive to the Latest by using Win 11 Supernova VM all the time, But i have noticed there is a 5% slowdown on Performance in Newer versions of brave due to Brave keeps adding bloat… Really wish there was a Simpler version like Brave VM or Something similar.

older version has Got

Bottom Download bar
Security Lock Icon
Futuristic Forward and Back Buttons
Bigger Sidebar Icons (Just Compare the difference on Sidebar on Win 8.1 with older version of brave and Win 11 with Newer version of Brave, How do you Say Win 11 and Newer Brave version is an Improvement ?)
More Beautiful Looking Settings Page

At first, I dont understand why they changed the color to Blue instead of Brave’s orange
Next, the Drop down Box feels like an older version of brave which is released before 3 years. The Main Problem with Brave is that they do Something on Purpose Just because everyone else did it. I am not happy with this behavior.

The on,off button looks good when compared with older version but the changes to colors and drop down box did more damage to the UI than the Good the on/off button changes brave did on the Newer versions.

Older version of Brave Which feels Super Lite and Windows 8.1 is More Important than yt or Reddit or any other websites for being a Reason to Leave Win 8.1 and older version of brave for New versions.

A fix for the crash on reddit on win7/8 will be out in the next few hours.

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You’re fantastic m8, thank you very much.
Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.6922, and Reddit now working fine.

Fully understand that the browser is “unsupported” as in features etc. may not work properly and no updates, however outright crashing to desktop for major websites was a bit of an issue.

All sorted now, cheers!