Recieved only 0.25 BAT like the most of the people

It’s unfortunate people do get so riled up about this. Even without a rewards program, Brave would still be one of the best browsers available because of its privacy features, and in my case, much lower resource usage.


I agree it’s frustrating. But putting this on brave and calling it a scam is just not true.
In all the years I run brave, I for my part never had any issues with not getting paid. Unless it is a wider spread issue. Like over 2 bats not getting calculated and rolled over to the next month the last 2 months.
It happens. And I am sure it will be fixed.


This is what I have so far this year … maybe and extra .25 for March …


so what do you want to say xd

I agree, it is one of the best browsers!

Guys mention @Mattches he is from brave support

you are lying bro i have 4.186 bat for 294 ads xd

That is likw 2 minutes before reset. I got 8.35BAT on my Uphold from this 3 days ago. Look at the amount of ads and ~worth of BATs there :wink:

My Uphold accounts payments went thru no problem. My gemini brave only sent 0.25 as well. Also, for some reason mine is showing the claim option as well even though it has been verified since October. I like to think my brave profile is as stock as it can get. No extensions, no dark mode. Basically just full stock minus enabling brave rewards. Still get ads no problem.

In addition, across all my brave profiles, the “Current earnings this month (estimated)” never depeletes. It keeps stacking for the past 2 month never resetting to zero, so I never have a good idea what my true earnings are for the month.

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you must better be than me thats all sorry bro i am sorry

Yea. good amount of it carries over into next month. same for me. Steeven was looking into it though.

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Its not about being better or anything. Just proved a point about barely even getting 10$ a month from BAT.

it mean you got full bat rewads of previous month :open_mouth: :open_mouth:


This is the first time I’ve had this problem too; BAT payment has been error free throughout my history using Brave.
I think they will get it fixed in the end though, and I’m not too anxious if it doesn’t come quickly as I just give everything I’m given to creators and publishers anyway. Still, for their sake, I hope I can get the additional BAT I earned for the previous month at some point.

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Not quite. I track everything related to BAT. And this month is pretty cooked. So was last one (Feb and march)

Current earnings : 8.299 BAT
Remaining after reset : 1.615 BAT

March Rewards : +6.694 BAT
Incoming Uphold : 8.355235706767778816 BAT

^ Basically what the numbers for march looked like.

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same problem, +1,68 BAT in march, but today 0,25 BAT

I wish I could say this is the first time but it isn’t.

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@Mattches i just received 0.25 only but i should receive2.802 bat this month

The only time I had an issue was when verifying my wallet, my balance got zero’d out. They got that sorted and also compensated me