Recieved only 0.25 BAT like the most of the people

I am using Brave on both Windows and android device. For March rewards, I recieved the monthly award with no problem however to my Android wallet, I recieved only 0.25 BAT byt I should have rewarded 1.464 BAT.


me too. I have same problem. just 0.25 bat.

I guess system error or stolen by brave.


same but as soon as i recieved the 0.25. it is now gone from my wallet leaving me with zero bat this month even though i was supposed to get around 7.5


Same. Should receive around 6 BAT but only 0.25 arrived. (Android)

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Adding my name to the 0.25 club as well when I should have recieved around 6

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Yes I am missing 15$ of BAT


It happened also to me

Same thing! Was expecting close to 10 BAT and only got .25. I certainly hope they get rolles over to next month.

I like brave even without the ads…but I do get them all the time for a reason. $BAT!

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User experience = I am angry!


Same problem. I supposed to get 4,259 BAT.
and now?

I have to say, btw, since I subscribed here in need of help I keep receiving Brave’s communication in the form of spam e-mails? Is this all normal all this!

Maybe not, try looking in your setting in this forum, maybe you are subscribed to emails or something…

Same to me, looks like they have not enough developer to fix bug

Looks like to me the rewards to users is not on the priorities

And other people reporting receiving MORE! What is going on pls. I feel like we need an explanation ahahah

And another month with issues … this time in March I earned about 6 BAT, but for the payouts, it said I would get 1.846 with the balance being carried over into April. Well the balance seemed to be carried over as stated and up till yesterday, it still stated I would be receiving 1.846 BAT. I only got .25 BAT for March and my balance for April di not go up any more to make up the difference. For me, this is the third month in a row that I have not received all of the BAT I earned. I will wait till the April Payout dare, and if I don’t get the proper payout, I’ll be opting out of the program, it’s not worth the headache!

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I am really not happy about this. I feel duped and even if I am wrong and things will be fixed I won’t be happier. This fails

If you can, verify with uphold or Gemini. And you won’t have that issue.
You need to do that anyways to get access to your BAT.
Unverified wallets always have a low payout. Been like this for years. Verified gets “full” amount.

With uphold, my windows brave stated 6.6 bat will arrive. I got 8.35 BAT payment to my uphold.
I only ever had low amount (in Relation to estimated) payouts when I was unverified.

Yes, I feel the same. For February, I was expecting 4 BAT, and only received .5
What was worst, is that for February, the balance did not get carried over to March, it just disappeared! If that is all I’m going to earn, I’m wasting my time with these ads …

I am having a similar problem but on Windows.