Tabs changed for the worse recently

After a recent update, all of my tabs in brave on the android app are now in a list format. I don’t like this, and want the “windowed” format back. I can’t find any setting that will allow me to. How do I fix this?

Which Brave version?

Can you share a screenshot?


Brave 1.6.0

Don’t have a screenshot of the tabs prior to this change

I also use Brave 1.6.0 but have no this issue. cc @Mattches @sriram for assistance here

Do you have any flags enabled on Brave?

I believe that the flag that used to control this option has been removed from Chromium. I’ve had other users mention this issue but no way to revert with the flag gone (that I know of).

@sriram No flags that I’m aware of. It just changed one day and that was it.

Thats a problem because some flags restore default behaviour when they are removed so you would go back to the original behaviour but if this flag is something that doesn’t reset then user are basically stuck with that setting change from that flag. And unless Chromium decides to add back that flag/feature you will be in that state.

Can you open chrome://flags and see if any of the entries are highlighted? Or just take a screenshot of that page and share here

@sriram nothing is highlighted in chrome://flags - all settings are default.

Can you share the full screen screenshot? This one isn’t giving much info of what flag may be enabled!

Did you click the picture? I took a max length scrolling screenshot. The flags page is so long that the scrolling screenshot capped out! The screenshot above is 1080×15624

Edit: apparently I didn’t max out earlier. Here’s another one starting from where first screenshot left off. Edit 2: this one got compressed when uploaded, it’s 360×16844

Edit 3: here’s the last one. Between all 3 of these screenshots every flag is shown. Hope this is helpful towards fixing the issue. This one is 720×16748.

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