The appearance of the Tab page has changed for worse

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The tabs are not in a format they used to be.

How can this issue be reproduced?

**Expected result: It should be like it used to be before cleaner.

Brave version 1.24.86

Realme 3 Pro

Additional Information:

Yes I am also having the same issue. The tab layout has automatically changed to minimalistic. I can’t change it to grid layout. Even when changing flags like Tab grid layout to enabled, it does not work. Please brave team solve this as soon as possible. @Mattches @SaltyBanana @Aa-ron

Hi there @Derrin and @Deathcall56

Try giving this a try Settings->Appearance->Enable Tab Group.


It works for me. Great
After months of unreadable tabs.

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@Deathcall56 @Derrin @SaltyBanana @teddy1602

Settings>Accessibility>Simplified view for web pages. That’s the actual setting you need to turn off. Tab groups is not needed.

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Thank you for the suggestion.