Recently reset Brave Rewards but no longer seeing ads

I recently reset Brave Rewards on my browser and unlinked my Uphold account from it (for privacy reasons and I don’t really like the Uphold platform). I did this by going to brave://rewards/, clicking the cogwheel and selecting ‘Reset’.

I would still like to accumulate BAT through Brave however I no longer seem to receive any ads. My setting appear to be correct:

Can anyone help at all?

Hi, @tungsten_hammer, it’s possible some device setting(s) got reset, or need to be better set, for notifications. These should help you :slight_smile:

And if you’d like to know more about Brave ads/ Rewards in general, this is very informative:

It’s mentioned in one of the links, but in case you miss it: using a VPN will interfere with your Brave ads/ Rewards experience.

You should also have a look at this troubleshoot chart, found mid-way down the page here:

Many thanks indeed for the reply. Turns out it was my VPN preventing Brave retrieving the ads catalog when I reset my wallet. I have resolved this now.

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