Recent Open Tab Sync Across Devices

just a thought…

Hola Comunidad Brave,
Tengo problemas al sincronizar mi pc con el telefono, la opcion de sincronizar no esta habilitada en el pc ayuda por favor.

+1 from here.
I moved over to Brave a while ago with the expectation that this feature was inevitably going to be implemented.

Guess I’m switching back to Chrome for now.

Sync v2 is here, with a lot of settings to sync across devices

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Not here yet @s.y.u.x . Because it’s not available for stable release. Should be officially available within 1.12.x release (desktop).

I’m on Brave 1.12.114, and still waiting for this feature. Having “open tabs” sync across all desktop/tablet/mobile devices is huge. I regularly work between company desktop, home desktop, and mobile.

In Chrome (desktop), you go to History, and you’ll see “Tabs from other devices”. This is noticeably absent in Brave’s history.

In Chrome mobile, you can go to “View recent tabs”, same story. Likewise still missing from Brave mobile.

I’ve been using Brave since the beginning, and I’m a huge fan. It’s been my primary browser for well over a year. However, it’s hard to believe that I’m still having to email myself links between devices, or create temporary bookmarks.

Ah well, keep up the great work devs, and hopefully we’ll see open tab syncing someday soon!

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Any word on this? My desktop devices sync tabs fine and can see my open tabs on my android but my android still does not see desktop tabs. Super irritating that this feature has taken so long to roll out and get right.

+1 for this - would be really useful to be able to sync open tabs from other devices - frustrating that “sync everything” in sync v2 doesn’t include this…

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Brave v1.17.73 with Sync v2 this is working fine between Mac, windows, and android.

Of note: I had to go into sync settings and make sure I was syncing this set of data (not sure if it was me, or some setting but it was only syncing bookmarks when I first checked).

I’ve activated sync of bookmarks, history, and open tabs between Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Maybe I just don’t get it, but the only new is that I can see my Mac bookmarks on my iPhone (but not on my iPad). History is still unique for each device and tabs, well, they are stuck in each device. I would love some more information on how the sync chain should be set up and what to expect from it.

How is this supposed to work? I’ve search these forums and the Web in general for an answer. I’ve searched around the Brave Browser interface on my Mac and iOS devices for any hint of tabs that are opened on other devices…nothing.

Can someone throw me a bone on how to access the sync’d tabs?

Still nothing :confused:
This should be priority! If not, what else then?

I need this basically right now. Wish it worked. I have 100+ tabs on my android that I am about to lose if I don’t go through and organize them on my phone because I’m having to factory reset my phone. Everyone knows this process is a million times easier on a desktop.

Sync was not appearing in my Brave desktop browser, though it had previously been added to the sync chain. I uninstalled Brave using Revo, reinstalled, and removed my devices from the old sync chain, adding them to a new one, one at a time. After doing this, I can see my devices under “Recent tabs.” For the moment, they are current and remaining synced.

Sync here between 2 Windows 10 desktop computers is not working. Computer A can see the tabs from computer B but B only sees 2 of 10 tabs open on computer A. Both are on Version 1.20.83 Chromium: 88.0.4324.96 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

I can not depend on Brave syncing open tabs between 2 devices. This has been an issue since Sync v2 was released in a half-done state. There is no way in heck that I would even try doing sync to or from a mobile device, which I believe at this time is not an option when it comes to Open Tabs.

Update. I killed off my current sync chain and started a new chain and now computer B is seeing all the tabs from computer A. I doubt that it will stay that way because it is Brave Sync v2 and it quirky and unreliable. In this case, I wondering if the issue is related to computer A rarely being restarted but rather being hibernated. I really don’t know and am not going to spend hours trying to narrow it down. I have done that too many times with Brave.