Recent Open Tab Sync Across Devices

yup, +1. I’ll wait for tab sync to appear before I switch. I’m disappointed, because otherwise, it’s a great browser. getting chrome extensions is fantastic. and it’s the fastest browser I’ve used. so lotsa folks waiting on this.
I’m switching to Firefox, for now.

I created a community account just to add my +1 here. I’m back using Firefox and Chrome because I cannot work without tab sync across my devices. I was actually shocked when I installed Brave this morning, went through the sync process, and found out such a basic thing as tab syncing doesn’t exist.
I’ll keep monitoring the community forums. I’d really like to come back to using Brave. You folks made an amazing browser. It is a pity to alienate a large percentage of users who need to freely move from desktop to mobile and vice versa!!
Please include tab sync in the roadmap!

I also created an account just to add my +1.

I don’t need history sync, password sync is not that necessary… But active/open tab sync (even with some delay) would be a great plus. Right now I share some tabs through telegram from my phone to my laptop… this is (of course) far from ideal.

Please, implement some form of active tab sync. This is the only key feature I’m missing. Otherwise I would switch and support the browser…

The silence on such a table-stakes feature for modern browsers is remarkable.

I typically use Firefox as my ‘clean’ browser (no bookmarks, no sync login, no plugins, no history, nothing), but when I can carve a bit of time out of my schedule to do so, my plan now is to make Brave my ‘clean’ browser and migrate my daily use over to Firefox.

like others, made an account just to add a +1 for this feature, it’s necessary before Brave can be my daily driver.

Adding my support for this feature. I made an account on this forum just to say as much.

I don’t necessarily need all of the recent tabs to sync across, but I would like a way to get a website from one device to another without having to involve emails to myself or whatever.

Firefox has a great implementation where you can right-click a tab and send it to any of the other devices you have synced together.

same here. its not much of a sync with just bookmarks i dont think. The activity and tab sync is the bets feature of chrome, without it im not sure i want to use brave.

I’d like to add my vote to this too.

Definitely also add my vote but there is one more idea. Sync with main database. I mean when I install first time in first device then I would like to turn on sync as it is e.g. in Firefox or Chrome. But I can’t as Brave requires another device where Brave is installed. But I want to turn on sync from the very beginning in one device.
I understand that offering storage space might be complicated. Therefore I propose to offer ability to use own storage space, e.g. different cloud storages (pCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, MegaSync, MS OneDrive, etc.) and also trivial network data exchange protocols like FTPs, SFTP, SSH, WebDAVs, etc.

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+1 — This is a HUGE one holding me back from jumping onto Brave 100%

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Also adding my +1 to this feature request. Super core necessary feature in modern browsing. Thanks Brave team for the great work I know you’ll eventually do.

It’s been over a year now since they released bookmark sync, which was claimed by the dev team to let tab sync come “much quicker” after it was done. I’d say those of us who need this feature are being forced to forget about brave and go back to firefox or chrome. It’s too bad, I really wanted to be part of this and use something I believe in so much. But they keep spending time and resources on weird niche features instead of finishing up the last few basics that all the competition has had for years now.


I am waiting for this as well, can’t believe it has not been implemented yet! Please add this feature so I can completely switch!

Same here, +1 on adding this feature!

This is a really helpful feature which has helped me repeatedly in Safari. Sometimes you can’t remember which device you were on when you were reading something or exploring content on a certain page and having access to an open-tabs viewer showing all active tabs on all devices and platforms really helps to find those sites. I’m going to continue testing and using Brave in the interim with the hopes that this feature will be implemented in a future update.

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Just made an account to +1 this. The privacy features of Brave are very compelling, and I love that Chrome extensions work, but the Safari tab sync is going to keep me with the Apple browser for now. :slight_smile:

Is there a way to be notified when this feature gets included in Brave? I’m using Firefox until that happens. I’d like to not have to manually check every so often.

How often is a reasonably amount of time to let go by before checking if this feature is included or not?

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Just signed up. This is a show stopper for me. Love the browser but I need to be able to sync tabs across all devices

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+1, loving Brave, but I still need to go back to other browsers every so often. This is one of the main features to close that gap for me.

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+2 from me and my wife.