Receiving the same amount month by month

I need HELP with this problem… ( every payment month ). I used to make around 3 dollars on November, on brave browser ,and I only received 0,27$ I want to know why is this happening.
This is a usual problem because since I installed brave i’ve always received the same amount. (0.25 BAT)

ps: this month, for the first time, i received my android earns. BUT guess what? the same amount

I think you are receiving fewer ads compared before. Number of ads served depends on every country and as the price of BAT surges up, the amount of BAT per ads becomes smaller thus resulted to small BAT rewards every month. Just my theory though since we have similar case and our country just have like 28 active ads campaign, even less sometimes. By the way, if you can confirm that you have received many ads like a hundred or more, yet BAT received is not changing then that is a sign of something not right.

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