I`am only get 0.250 BAT each month on my account even I have a lot more

I have been using Brave Browser for 4 months now and I am viewing all the ads, I get more rewards every month but when i go to claim the montly rewards i get only 0.250 BAT. Why do I receive only 0.250 BAT monthly when I have much more?

How do you know you have much more??

I know because when i got to Brave Rewards tab and see the “Current earnings this month (estimated)” i have a lot more every month, but when i claim on the 8th of each month i am receiving only 0.250 BAT.

Yeah, then maybe it’s a bug in the payments system. Contact @steeven

Obviously this is a global problem, there needs to be an answer from the admins.

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A lot of users face this exact same issue and I don’t see any explanation on that yet.

I had the same with 1.750 :smiley:

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