Receiving ads without rewards and have not received BAT accumulated during December

I have two problems…

1- I’m receiving ads, in the start page, but not rewards even there is pages broken the shield and showing ads when the Brave shield is up…

2- I haven’t received my BATs that I accumulated in December. It’s the time I have this problem. I have a verified Uphold wallet…

I have instaled the last version of Brave.

I hope you can help…


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I guess the ads which you are talking about is about sponsored images… You will receive rewards for those only for sometime, and it depends. And if you started the brave rewards somewhere in the middle of December, you will receive the payout for that in next months payout i.e. February.

I recieve notification ads but don’t recieve the rewards for them.
I recieve rewards for images but not for notification ads.
I was not getting these do I dmed @Mattches and he opened these,so I recieve the ads but not rewards while I recieve rewards for images.

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Please send me a DM with your wallet payment ID found on your brave://rewards-internals page. Thank you.

i am having an issue that today was the last date of month and the last date i was recieving ads,i had disconnected my gemini wallet and i had collected almost 2.5 bat and now they are gone.
i dont know where they have gone and it is not showing anything in brave rewards

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My brave rewards for phone vanished and for laptop (from 0.634 to 0 when updated in BOTH)i didn’t recieve BAT for them in my wallet!!

I didn’t even get a chance to add it to my wallet on 8th of December and Jan & now it’s totally vahished :pleading_face:

Really sad, that even after staying on each all 10 ad page for more than 1 min every hour, and stilll not getiing paid.

Brave just became like other Browsers…