Receiving ads, but not collecting BAT (Mobile)

I recently started using the Brave Browser and so far I’ve enjoyed the experience. Unfortunately, I’m not receiving any BAT coin for the ads I’m viewing. I receive several ads everyday, yet my total of BAT is still remains at 0.00. I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled to the same problem, my settings are also correct with the ads on and max ads per hour set to 5. Like I said, I really enjoy the experience and even invested in the crypto, I just need help with this issue. Thank you

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Did you mean this one?

Ads earning is paid once a month. You can see the estimation by clicking that “View details” button shown in my screenshot.

Thanks for the quick response. I meant this one

Same answer @Evan89 :point_up:🤷

In case you missed it, go to "brave:rewards > Ads section > View details" to view earning estimation.

Thank you for your quick response, a huge oversight on my part. I appreciate your time and love the Browser. I wish you and your group all this best.

I’m hoping you could help me once again. I’ve never received a pay out, viewed over 200 ads, and the bat counts keeps changing. It’s currently at zero. Thank you for your time.

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