Receive notifications from closed tabs?

Description of the issue:

Apparently you can receive notifications when the tabs are closed. After using brave for so many years that I don’t even remember, I’ve never once received notifications from a site while having no instance of that site open, i.e., no tab with that site is open. I was only able to receive notifications if the tab was open.

I don’t know how I lived veiled, but knowing this is possible and not being able to achieve that, is pretty disappointing. The only way that seems to achieve that is to install the app that is based on the given site, such as the email service and receive notifications locally. This doesn’t dismiss every issue though since there are countless sites without a dedicated software.

I checked for the past 3 hours every forum post about this and tried so many other things that I can’t even remember everything that I tried.

First of all, even though I can receive notifications when the tab is open, I checked the settings and put everything on:

I checked cookies and selected allow all cookies, I checked Site Shields and Settings > Notifications. I even pressed “Expand all Requests” at the “Sites can ask to send notifications” prompt. I checked, reset and enabled notification settings for some sites having checked “Remember my decision… Forever”.

I also enabled. I activated “Use Google services for push messaging”. I even created a new profile and turned off any security settings and turned on any of the settings mentioned so far. I even checked and enabled pretty much any flag that had to deal with notifications in some way.

After each setting I’ve done I tested the notifications in 2 ways.

  • By creating an event in Proton Calendar that had an instant reminder and was set 1 or 2 minutes later. Closed the tab and never received anything.
  • By using and pressing to receive a notification 5 seconds later, but never did.

For any useful additional information, I use Windows 11, and recently did a factory reset, but this happened before and still happens, so any potential system settings are ruled out.

So many hours spent pretty much for nothing. This is disappointing to say the least, so any possible solutions are favourable. I have also an additional issue with search that was made in a previous post that was also never solved.
I’ve been using Brave for so long that I don’t really want to have to make a switch.

Expected result:

Have a site that sends notifications, such as Proton email. Close the tab. Still receive notifications.

Receive notifications even though the tab is closed

Brave Version:
(Should be irrelevant since I’ve had this issue from the dawn of time)

Version 1.66.118 Chromium: 125.0.6422.147 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I’ll comment just in case this has been pushed too far down the list. Also I’ve seen a mod saying that if they don’t see any further activity, they assume it is closed.

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Actually it’s relevant because things change in every version. Obviously might work in one and be broken in another. It’s always good to know specifically which OS and version of Brave people experience problems on.

Have you made sure to check permissions on the sites? For example, brave://settings/content/all and then go to the site, such as below:

Also another thing that sometimes needs toggled is:

The above is found at brave://settings/system

Oh, last and perhaps more importantly…I was looking through some old topics and found people saying setting below needs to be on (it’s off in my screenshot)

The above is located at brave://settings/privacy

Grr, I rushed in starting to answer again. You mentioned that but I got sidetracked on something else and when I returned, just continued answering without remembering to refresh my memory on what you said you tried. So sorry on some repeating there.

Anyway, wanted to answer on some of it. But assuming everything is in place and you’re still having issues, I’m just going to tag in @Mattches and hope he can follow up with you in a bit on ideas.

Hey thanks for the fast response after my last message. Thanks for the suggestions

The only thing that I didn’t have checked was this: “Continue running background apps when Brave is closed”. I have brave open most of the time so I assume this wasn’t the problem.

I tried both methods of testing notifications that I mentioned in the post, but neither worked. Could this be a more fundamental problem? Like something wrong with my computer?

I see you mentioned another website, but assuming you’ll have the same issue at as well, right?

If so and all the settings are in place on your browser, it would make it seem like it might be something on your OS or perhaps another program stopping notifications.

On Windows, one of the things could be something like Do Not Disturb and all, which used to be called Focus Assist. They have automatic rules:

One of the things you’ll likely be asked is to try on Beta or Nightly, but then if it’s just not happening in Brave, to also test on Chrome and see if the notifications appear for you there.,

Alright, I checked the settings, it was all how it is supposed to be. Tried Edge and Firefox, neither worked, so Brave is officially ruled out as the culprit. The link that you provided only seems to allow for instant notifications, which doesn’t allow me to close the tab in time to see if it would work.

It is interesting that this didn’t work before, nor after a factory reset for this PC that I did recently. It is also worth mentioning that I am able to receive notifications from Whatsapp desktop app even though I don’t have it open.

So, I am officially out of ideas. I don’t know how come it doesn’t work after this much troubleshooting. I am almost inclined to believe that it is not even possible to receive notifications from closed tabs and it is all a misunderstanding on my part.

So, if anyone is reading this and has this problem, what I currently do to receive notifications from my calendar and email is to have an extension that checks for notifications and pushes them to me. Since the extensions never gets closed, I am able to receive everything relatively in time.

So final thoughts, @Saoiray, if you think there’s nothing to be done, you can mark this as the answer for the post.

One more thing. Are there any leads for this problem?

It’s been almost a month and it still hasn’t disappeared. I still get it daily, albeit in less proportions.

Unexpected update, I received a notification from Firefox (not even having it open), that was supposed to be from the testing done yesterday.

With this turn of events, I don’t know what to believe.

I know that you said your OS notification settings are configured correctly but I want to ensure that the Windows “Focus” (previously “Focus assist”) settings are also configured correctly.

Given that you’re not seeing notifications from other browsers, this points to a OS based issue. Additionally, since you did eventually get a notification that you were supposed to get yesterday during testing, I suspect that the notification was delayed/blocked until the point that it was shown which could be due to the settings of the Focus feature.

Alright, here are all of my settings:

Okay yeah so looks like DnD and Focus settings are configured correctly. I honestly have no idea why notifications aren’t showing — everything looks like its set up properly. Going ot ask a few more team members.