Push Notifications not working after tab is closed

Hey Brave Team,
Recently i downloaded brave browser on my Linux machine and i heard a lot about it, since i started using it, i liked the most of its features, interface, speed and security but i got a problem related to “push notifications” on brave browser.

I’ve already subscribed to (or say allowed permission) for some websites like twitter, Gmail and they do show the notification but only in that case IF the tab is opened otherwise it will not display anything. Although I’ve already enabled the option “Google Services for push notification” and “enabled native notifications”

Suppose if someone messaged me on gmail and Gmail site is not loaded in any tab then it doesn’t display the desktop notification.

Please tell me some possible way to fix this issue


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@Mattches hey sir, can you please help me here. I really really need an instant help. Please reply once you read it.

Thanks for reaching out.
Can you tell me if you’ve opted into receiving Brave Ads (via Brave Rewards) or not? If so, are you able to see ads? I ask this because Brave Ads are served as push notifications – I’m trying to descern whether or not the issue is with the site(s) you’re trying to set notifications up for, or if the issue lies with the browser/system settings themselves.

I didn’t know about the rewards before, i just turned it on and yes i received one notification related to “nord vpn”.
The problem is, i don’t receive any notification if twitter, gmail or forums tabs aren’t opened in brave browser. Although i’ve already subscribed (or say allowed the notification setting) yet nothing seems to work.

We do have some known issues with this, but most of them should have been resolved by now with the exception of Twitter. Can you try visiting the following site and see if you’re able to force a push notification to appear?

Yes it does send the push notification but only in that case if the mentioned website is opened in a brave’s tab but if you press the “Show in 5s” and close the website tab then it doesn’t show any push notification.
This is what i want because the project on which i’m working on right now requires some sort of connection with push notification from browser and Adds are showing successfully but no push notification after the particular website tab is closed.

I’ve read other topics too which are related to push notifications on this forum and sorry but nothing worked for me.
Please help if possible

Thank you

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I know this is kind fo a long walk but if you don’t mind, would you download/install the Brave Beta build, try provoking a notification and see if you get the same results?

Yeah i’m sure i’ll download it and provide you feedbacks
Thanks for the link.
Also, i want to know about this, have you seen the same problem in other linux machine too ?

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Push notification functionality has been spotty with Brave. Most users don’t have any issues but there have been enough problems with notifications and their associated APIs that I’m sure I’ve assisted a Linux user with this issue before.

I’m on a Manjaro linux (flavor of arch linux) … so is there any distribution of the brave beta version ?

Hey @Mattches i installed the brave-beta version on my linux machine and now every setting is exactly set to defaullt setting of brave… Now please tell me what should i do to enable brave push notification after the tab of particular website is closed.

u try know about it on forum manjaro? if some results have also in chrome u fast know about it, if there no also topics then this no u system de but brave no good work.

You can allow push notifications from Brave by going to System Settings --> Personalization --> Notifications. However:

:point_up: Not entirely sure what you mean here? Would you mind rephrasing what your intention was here?

here’s an update : I got youtube notifications right after opening the brave browser and youtube site wasn’t loaded on any tab. So yeah it works on youtube.

In my previous reply, i wanted to ask how to enable push notifications in brave browser, maybe i haven’t turn on something which is not allowing the push notifications to display on my desktop.
Please suggest me some setting’s option which i have to “turn on” in order to display the notifications on my desktop


System settings --> Personalization --> Notificaitons

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