Difference between push notifications and regular

I am wondering what is the difference between browser notifications from sites that pop up when I do not have a site’s page open, and notifications that pop up only if that particular site is open in a tab. I am also wondering if the difference can be set in Brave settings or if the difference depends on the site sending the notifications. Thanks

Not super clear on what is being asked here. Typically you see push notifications appear on your display even while not on the site — for example, if I have a Google calendar meeting set for a certain time, it will alert me that that meeting is happening 10m before the start time in the form of a push notification (if allowed).

Thanks for reply Mattches, and sorry for the delayed response. You see, that’s my problem, although I’m using Brave browser, this site does not alert me unless I have a tab open with this site running. If not, no notifications. Some other sites notifications will show up whether their site is actively opened in a tab or not.

Can you tell me what specific sites you’re seeing this behavior on?

Instantaddress email for example always pops up notifications whether I’m on their site or not, but now when I double check, that is in vivaldi browser (which I’m migrating away from). However, since that and Brave are both based on Chromium, I imagine that this functionality would be the same.

I have also noticed that many sites use the “notification” function to send out reminders or announcements to their followers. I don’t see how this function could be based on the site window being open constantly in order to receive an announcement. These announcements are for people that don’t come to the site often, and the site owner wants to keep them up to date, or close.


I’m going to take a look here and see if I can reproduce. Is it just this site that you have this issue or is this the general behavior you see for any sites that try to show you notifications?

Thanks. The site I want to get notifications for is this site. I want to be able to receive notifications from here without having to keep a tab of this site always open. I have enabled notifications both in my account settings here and on my Brave browser, however I only receive notifications if I am signed in and have this site opened in one of my tabs. I would like to receive notifications at all times when the browser is active, even if I don’t have this site opened in one of my tabs.

Can you check if you brave has permissions for push notifications for that particular site?




(here a small example of a site I do not allow to send me notifications)

Yes, please see screenshot below:

You may try to add it to the list of Allowed Sites to see if it makes a difference.

Other than that, I am not able to help you further. I hope Matches come with a solution.

And on your Community preferences do you have your the proper notifications settings configured?

Yes, please see screenshot below. I have to keep coming back to this site to check if I have any responses.

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