Rebranding Brave Source Code for Commercial Purpose

Hi everyone, I am trying to build a browser based platform by adding my own platform layer over a browser.


  1. Is it okay to use the source code from brave browser and add a layer over it in order to create a new commercial product?

Reasoning for the confusion:-

  1. The licenses for both brave browser and brave-core are MPL 2.0 which allows me to do what I am planning to do.

  2. But the terms and conditions of Brave Browser explicitly disallow us to remove any branding.

As per my understanding the TNC for brave only talks about Brave “The final Product” ie build where as it does not talk about the source code which is being governed by MPL 2.0.

Is my understanding correct?

@jack2121 It can get complicated but I suppose simple answer is below:

Main thing to remember is pretty much everything in Brave is open source. Also the majority of Brave is just Chromium.

The biggest part of where you’d get yourself in trouble is borrowing things like the code that links to Rewards, Sync, Wallet, etc. In other words, trying to somehow tie directly in to Brave’s servers and content. Also building the browser to look as if it is Brave, as you wouldn’t have the copyright/licenses or anything for it.

Yeah, this is essentially saying you can’t clone Brave and remove anything referencing Brave and call it “NAME” for your own browser. Or remove the Brave lion icon with a Goose or whatever.


Thank you @Saoiray it makes sense.
I still wont prefer going to chromium and rebuilding all the important features developed by Brave. But ill make sure the branding doesnt look anywhere close to Brave in order to not cause any IP related issues at a later stage.

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