Create own browser based on Brave


I am allowed to build my own browser based on Brave source code?
Can I change the Brave name and logo to my own?
Is it legal to publish to download for other users (eg. on my website, on software download websites/Microsoft Store) after finishing build and testing? I will break Copyright or not?
I must provide information on my webpage/in about section that this browser is built based on Brave Source Code?

You can check their license terms at the following links



@VistaNationZ Let me first tell you that I’m just another User and not employed by Brave or anything. Just want to clarify that in terms of letting you know I’ve got no authority to speak on behalf of the company. I am also not a lawyer or anything, so legal advice is not something that can be given.

That aside, keep in mind Brave uses Chromium at its core. Chromium project is open source and anyone can use it. If you did this, you’d have something like Chrome or Brave, then you’d be able to add in code for specific features that would make it unique to you. That should be perfectly okay for you to do.

However, cloning Brave would be illegal in most cases. As the Terms state, you can’t remove the logo or brand. Also using any of their info from their work also would be a violation. You can see that quoted below from the link Rodrige posted:

The executable code version of the Brave browser is made available under the terms set forth below. Source code for parts of the Brave browser may be available for use under open source licenses and accessible via Nothing in this Agreement will be construed to limit any rights granted under such open source licenses with respect to code specifically covered by such licenses.

Subject to the terms hereof, Brave grants you a personal, non-exclusive license to install and use the executable code version of the Brave browser. Brave and its licensors shall retain all intellectual property rights in the Brave browser (and Service), except for the rights expressly granted in this Agreement. You may not remove or alter any trademark, or logo (collectively, “Marks”), copyright or other proprietary notice on the Brave browser. This license does not grant you any right to use Marks of Brave or its licensors. If you breach this Agreement, the above license and your right to use the Brave browser will terminate immediately and without notice. Upon termination, you must destroy all copies of the Brave browser.


Don’t clone Brave as you’re saying. If you’re going to use something as a base, use Chromium. Some things in Brave can be used, but others are bound by licenses, copyrights, patents, etc. Differentiating between everything would need a lawyer, which I am not. Overall, I’d say it’s best you DO NOT try using Brave to create your own browser.

Don’t forget, none of this is official statements. It’s just my basic understanding and advice.


Thank you so much for very good and explained reply!

So I will make browser based on Chromium, not Brave, becouse I want to publish it legally without any copyrights.

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